Our Story


How it all started   

After having several skin issues for 5 consecutives years, and having tried all types of medications, I have started to seek help from God and my mom who passed away in 2016 and ask them to inspire me toward a solution that would make me get rid of this skin disease. 3 Days later, an idea sparks my mind, and this voice was telling me: "why aren’t you trying to constitute your own products?".

I got curious about natural ingredients that were use into cosmetics products.

How I figure it out

   One week later, I went to a store, got a few natural butters, vegetables, and essential oils, create a mixture. Amazingly, the results came out well and I kept them in small box to use regularly.

   After a while, I have considerably reduced my skin condition, and I was, to be honest, really surprised. This idea kept growing since then. I got passionate and was trying to get actively into the cosmetics business only to find out later how hard and expensive it was to comply with regulations if you want to manufacture the products by yourself.

Implementing the idea

  From that moment, I start doing some deep researches and decide to seek expertise from a certified Canadian laboratory. I spent 2 years branding, designing, composing, and going back and fort with an amazing team to be able to give birth to MAVISHINE.

Mavishine meaning

  MAVISHINE: MAVI from MA VIE (Meaning my Life in French) + SHINE (, Brightness, Positivity) and MA-VI is also the initials of my mother’s name (Marie-Viviane) which has been without any doubt my Angel through the whole process, SHINE (She will continue to lives & Shine through all my products)

  My skin condition stopped since then, never knew how but I would define that as a route toward where nature  was sparking my mind to be.

Thank you all for being part of MAVISHINE FAMILY


Herlinda D.M. Yoni